Local painter and illustrator Elena Masi finds beauty in all of Northern Michigan’s seasons and activities, especially skiing. 


This inspiration has led her to create ski artwork. She sources 1930’s-era wooden skis and elevates them with striking landscapes ranging from Alpine peaks, to familiar Northern Michigan ski hills, to vibrant sunrises on vintage water skis. 


Her work captures the nostalgia, adventure, and exhilaration that skiing brings. Most importantly, she gives the discarded skis new life as one-of-a-kind, statement art pieces.

Snow Skis

The skis range in size from four feet to nine feet tall. The color scheme, ski hill, and lodge are all customizable.

Water Skis

The water skis also range in size from children's to adult skis, depending on inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are they shipped?



Local delivery and installation is available in the Northern Michigan region.


The skis can also be shipped anywhere in the US. They will be professionally packaged and insured.

How do I hang them?



To avoid putting any fasteners through the painted images, the skis can be placed on a shelf, allowing gravity to position the skis.


Another option is to use a strap attached to the wall.  A metal strap can be placed through the slot in the middle of the skis with fasteners each side of the strap and attached to the wall.

What if I already have wooden skis?



That's great! The cost of the skis will be deducted from your overall price. The artist will work with you to get them to her studio in Petoskey. 

Can I use them to ski?



That's not recommended!


Fill out the contact form below with your inquiry. The artist will schedule a call to discuss details, and you'll be on your way to owning your original set!